Sportis go Lisbon!

With the slogan „Portugal and the diversity of sports events” 16 students from the Ostfalia University of applied sciences in Salzgitter are planning to go on an international fieldtrip to Lisbon. Our topic is "Sports management around the world.” We are leaving on November 2, 2019 from Hamburg and will be back on November 9.
In Portugal we will analyze the diversity of different sports events, study the diversity specifics of these events and compare them with those of Germany. Concentrating on the organization and preparation of Portuguese sports events, we want to find out more about the traditional sports as well as the latest sports trends in the Portuguese capital.
To prepare the fieldtrip, we have split up the group into smaller groups with specific points of focus: Controlling, Public Relation, Transport & Logistics, Program, Fundraising and the head of our Organizing-Committee.
In these groups we hope to be able to apply the knowledge we gained in lectures during previous semesters, and in this way transform theory into praxis.
We are looking forward to an exciting and interesting field trip to Lisbon.