Brunswick European Law School (BELS) has joined the United Nations Global Compact



The Faculty of Law - Brunswick European Law School (BELS) joined the United Nations Global Compact (GC) on 27.11.2017, as can be seen from the GC website:

This means that BELS is now a member of the world's largest and most important initiative for sustainable corporate governance. The UN Global Compact has over 12000 members worldwide in over 140 different countries. The vision of the UN Global Compact is an inclusive and sustainable global economy based on its 10 principles.

As an initiative of the United Nations, the UN Global Compact offers a unique framework for discussing a fair shaping of globalisation across sectors and borders and for realising this vision with appropriate strategies and activities. The initiative does not see itself as a certifiable standard or regulatory instrument, but as an open forum to initiate processes and share ideas. In national networks, participants develop concrete solutions and thus contribute to the global vision of the UN Global Compact. The UN Global Compact aims to support companies and organisations in aligning their strategies and activities with sustainability goals and the vision of the UN Global Compact. The focus is on the SDGs, which shape the sustainability debate at national and international level. As a global system of goals, they offer a common language and a compass for the challenges of the 21st century.

As a member of the UN Global Compact, BELS commits with immediate effect to:

  • support the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact;
  • to represent, support and strengthen these 10 principles, especially towards stakeholders inside and outside BELS as well as towards the general public;
  • participate in the activities of the UN Global Compact; and
  • to write a report on the activities of the BELS every two years and make it available to the UN Global Compact, stakeholders and the general public.

Information on the German Global Compact Network (DGCN) with 350 companies - from DAX-listed corporations to medium-sized companies and small specialists - and almost 60 organisations from civil society, academia and the public sector can be found here:   and the UN Global Compact website here:

If you have any further questions or comments - especially about the concrete implementation at the BELS - please contact us via the following email address: