Campus Suderburg

Suderburg is a community with a population of 5000 and is located within the outskirts of Uelzen on the train route between Hannover and Hamburg . Because of its size, it can not offer extensive cultural events, but it does, however, offer a pure nature-forest-heath surroundings due to its location in the northern portion of the Southern Heath nature park.

When somebody is interested in combining his educational programme with recreational activities such as swimming in Hardau lake, horseback riding in the heath and canoeing in natural rivers then he is at the right place in our "province with the extra touch".

The university grounds in Suderburg have grown integrally with the community. The educational tradition goes back more than 150 years and students are an important component of the town. Because the students always come from many countries all over the world, there is a traditionally good relationship between population and student body. All in all, it can be spoken from a family atmosphere.


Campus SUD

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Campus Suderburg.