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As an Ostfalia student you can borrow up to 50 books at a time. External users are entitled to borrow up to 10 books at a time. Books can be taken out using the self-service machines or at the issue desk.




Checking out an item

You can use the self-service machines or use the issue desk. Please check all borrowed books for underlining or writing in them and let us know if you find anything. If you fail to make us aware at the time of borrowing you will be responsible. Books have to be returned at the issue desk.





Databases can be found on DBIS. You can browse lists of databases by subject area or search for a particular database by name. A traffic light system indicates the availability of specific databases: a green light means a database is freely available everywhere, a yellow light that this database can be used in the university or at home via VPN, a red light that this database is not available.

Due Dates

Log into your library account to see when books or other items are due. You can renew all items up to five times online before you have to return them. While the library does send courtesy emails to remind you of overdue books it is your responsibility to keep track of when books are due and to renew or return them on time.





Most E-books can be found in the library catalogue. For an overview over all E-books you can conduct a special search for E-books only.

Eduroam WiFi

Ostfalia students can use Eduroam to connect to the internet while they are in the library.


E-Journals can be found here. You can search by name (of the journal, not individual articles). You can browse lists of journals by subject area or search for a particular journal by name. A traffic light system indicates the availability of specific journals: a green light means a journal is freely available everywhere, a yellow light that this journal can be used in the university or at home via VPN, a red light that this journal is not available.

Electronic Theses

Bachelor and Master Theses can be found on our repository OPUS.

European Union Collection EDZ

The European Union Collection EDZ contains the major documents of the European Commission and European Parliament. It is located in the library and staff here are happy to help you with literature relating to the European Union.





What are we doing well? How could we improve? We would love to hear your comments and suggestions. You can talk to us, call us, send us an email or use the (German) feedback form.


Fines are 2 € per item for the first week an item is overdue, an added 5 € for the second and another 10 € for the third week.




Group Study Rooms

The library has two group study rooms, which you are free to use for group work. These rooms are available on a first come first serve basis and cannot be booked in advance.





If a book has been borrowed by another user you can request it by using the "Vormerken" button. Once the item has been returned you will be notified by email and the item will be put on hold for you for seven days during which you can collect it. The holdshelf is located behind the issue desk. Please talk to a member of staff there.




Inter Library Loans

Items not held by the library may be requested through the inter-library loans service. The item must be needed for research or course work. We will let you know by email when your request is ready to collect from the library helpdesk. You will be charged 1,50 € for each inter-library loan request. Please contact us if you would like to request an inter-library loan.






Library Regulations

Please use the lockers for coats and bags. We have baskets which you can use at each of our four libraries. Please put your laptops, any books and other utensils you would like to use into these baskets. Only water in clear bottles is allowed in the library. And finally: please be considerate of other users!

The full Library Rules and Regulations can be downloaded (German only). If you have any questions about the rules and regulations please contact a member of staff.

Library Tours

Some faculties organize library tours with us at the beginning of the semester. Please contact your faculty for more information.






One Week Loan Books

Books that are in high demand can have a loan period of one week or seven days. These are marked "Kurzausleihe" on the spine. You can renew these up to five times just like regular loan books as long as they haven't been requested by somebody else.

Open Access

A lot of material is available open access, which means freely available to all. If you are looking for open access articles etc BASE is a great search engine with a specific focus on open access.

If you are a member of staff and you would like to publish open access please contact us for help and information.


The institutional repository of the Ostfalia. You can find bachelor and master theses as well as staff publications on OPUS.





You can bring your laptop or use one of the computers in the library. Just log on with your Ostfalia Login.

Photocopying and Printing

You can copy and print at all our libraries using your Ostfalia card. We do not have the facilities to put money on your card so please make sure you have enough credit before you come to the library. External users can get a card for printing and photocopying at the issue desk and are charged





Reading Lists

Some professors have issued reading lists. Follow the link for the class you are taking.

Renewing Items

All items can be renewed online up to 5 times (unless requested by another user). Please log into your library account to renew your books.

Request a Book on Loan

When you search the library website for the book or journal etc you want and discover that it's out on loan, click on the "Vormerken" link. You will be asked to log into your library Account. Select the copy you want. When the book is ready to be collected a message will appear in your Library account and we'll also email you. You can pick it up from the issue desk.




Salzgitter Library

Karl-Scharfenberg-Str. 50
38229 Salzgitter
Tel.: 05341 / 875 - 18600

Suderburg Library

Herbert-Meyer-Str. 7
29556 Suderburg
Tel.: 05826 / 988 - 18950

Suggestions for Purchase

We welcome suggestions for the addition of new books and other items for the library. Send us an email or use the online form (available in German only).






VPN - Virtual Private Network

The VPN is a secure connection that allows your computer to access the University network when you are off campus. Use VPN if you would like to access E-books, E-journals or certain databases from home.




Wolfsburg Library

Siegfried-Ehlers-Str. 1
38440 Wolfsburg
Tel.: 05361 / 8922 - 18300

Wolfenbüttel Library

Am Exer 8 b
38302 Wolfenbüttel
Tel.: 05331 / 939 - 18100