The project "Transfer and Transformation" at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences

  • 5/27/24 1:14 PM
  • Emily Menzel

Supporting structures and expertise are being built up in various areas within Ostfalia. These include topics such as science communication, the management of innovations and the development and establishment of various methods and tools for digitalisation. The main aim is to support interdisciplinary research approaches. Activities will initially focus on the area of intelligent systems for energy and mobility - an important field of research at Ostfalia University.

Knowledge centres, which can be an important platform for dialogue between the university and society, play a central role in this. The recently opened " WissensOrt Wolfenbüttel", known as WOW!, regularly organises events on current social issues and acts as a hub for collaboration between university employees and relevant stakeholders from science, business and society. Ostfalia is represented there with current projects from science and research. Ideas and suggestions for the development of WOW! are expressly welcome. Further knowledge centres, for example in Uelzen, are already being planned.

The project will support Ostfalia in its appearance at the"Ideenexpo". The "Ideenexpo" takes place between the 8th and 16th of June 2024 in Hanover and offers young people and interested parties from all over Germany the opportunity to experience science and research up close. Ostfalia will offer numerous exhibits, real-world labs and workshops for active participation.


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