About the Faculty of Health and Health Care Services and Ostfalia Campus Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg is …

- a young and dynamic industrial city in the heart of Germany
- headquarters of Volkswagen, Europe‘s leading car manufacturer
- a modern city of culture, sports and leisure
- only 1 hour by train from Germany's capital Berlin

Ostfalia Campus Wolfsburg is …

- located in downtown Wolfsburg, just a few minutes from the train station
- surrounded by shops, restaurants, cafés and bars
- constantly growing, the second largest campus of Ostfalia

the Faculty of Health and Health Care Services ...

- has almost 600 students enrolled
- offers practice-oriented study programs in small groups
- implements "blended-learning" in some study programs

- co-operates with regional, national and international facilities and companies in the health sector and with universities in Austria, Finland, Poland, Spain and Turkey

- is member of the international Florence Network (one of Europe's oldest nursing and midwifery networks)

- is active in various research projects

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