Material and component testing

Zugpruefmaschine-Aufnahme-3PunktBiegung-001-kWe offer an extensive range of plastics tests to record physical, thermal and mechanical properties. These analyses are performed according to the current standards with appropriate air conditioning.



Tensile-compression tests

Tensile-compression tests are used to determine the force-elongation behavior (tensile strength, flexural strength, modulus of elasticity) of materials under uniaxial loading. Standard test rods, components, assemblies, films and fibers up to a maximum tensile strength of 100 kN can be tested.

Impact tests

Impact tests such as the Charpy notched bar impact test or the instrumented puncture test, can be used to determine the resistance of materials to crack formation or fracture. These tests can be used to describe the ability of a material to absorb impact and/or impact energy without breaking.

Thermal-Mechanical Tests

The deformations that occur in thermoplastics under a load depend decisively on time and temperature. Determining the extent of deformation provides information about the quality of the material, the processing temperatures and the maximum operating temperatures. For this purpose the melt indices MFR and MVR as well as HDT/Vicat softening temperatures can be determined.

Determination of the emission behavior

Whether a plastic or component would be suitable for use in a vehicle interior depends, among other things, on the substances it emits. The determination of the emission behavior by means of fogging tests or emission tests of organic compounds are common tests in the automotive industry.

Flammability tests

The flammability and continued burning behavior of thermoplastics are important for assessing their suitability for use in vehicle interiors. In a standardized fire box, the samples are exposed to an open flame and the ignition time and the rate of progress of the fire are recorded.

Other material tests and preparation of samples

A large number of other component and material tests can be performed in our technical center or on campus. These include, for example, granulates density and water content tests. Optimum sample preparation is ensured for the individual tests. A sample milling machine or the Leica rotary microtome are examples of this.

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