Past Programs


The 2018 International Program took place from 7 May to 29 June 2018.

You can check out the 2018 units here.



 Welcome Dinner at l'Oliveto restaurant with Professors Zech (back centre) and Rogmann (right).



The 2018 International Program students from our partner universities Symbiosis Law School in Pune, India and Murdoch University in Perth, Australia with Prof. Dr. iur. Achim Rogmann (right).


18-Autostadt-Gruppe- -Raber_web

The 2018 International Program included a trip to Volkswagen AG. Dr. Hans-Georg Raber (third from right), head of the department “Tax Policy and Customs Duties” at Volkswagen, took time out of his busy schedule to discuss international trade and customs topics with the students.


18-Autostadt-Gruppe- -Raber-2_web

Dr. Raber also provided a personalised tour of Volkswagen Autostadt, where lots of cars from all Volkswagen brands and from different time periods are on display.



For example this current model Porsche.



And last but not least, there was a field trip to Wolfenbüttel's very own and world famous Jägermeister liquor brewery.


The International Program 2017 took place from 2 May to 23 June.

Apart from taking classes on a wide variety of subjects, the international students visited Jägermeister factory at Wolfenbüttel and discussed customs law with officials from Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg. They then took a guided tour of the Volkswagen factory.

They also had the chance to get a personal guided tour of Brunswick district court with a presiding court judge and got to learn more about how the German judicial system works.

You can check out the 2017 International Program classes here.


Welcome evening at the usual spot: l’Oliveto restaurant at Wolfenbüttel.


The International Program students together with Prof. Huck (left) and presiding court judge Christian Schütz in front of Brunswick district court.

The quote on the wall reads: “Human dignity is inviolable.” (Article 1, German Basic Law).



International and BELS students meet with Prof. Rogmann (left) and Prof. Pierson (right) in front of Wolfenbüttel town hall before going on a guided city tour.


Welcome evening at l’Oliveto restaurant in Wolfenbüttel.


BELS alumni Alexander Groba (front left) works for the Airbus Group in Munich. He held a lecture on the importance of compliance and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in today’s business world.  16-IP-Rogmann-RaberDialog

Dr. Hans-Georg Raber (left), head of the department “Tax Policy and Customs Duties”, Volkswagen AG and chairman of the committee "Customs Duties and Excise Taxes", German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), discusses customs law and the role of Volkswagen as a global player with the International Program students at Wolfsburg Autostadt.


Prof. Rogmann (second fom left), BELS and International Program students in front of the famous Bugatti Veyron at Wolfsburg Autostadt.


Ass. iur. Claudia Kurkin and Prof. Winfried Huck (third and fourth from left) went on a law-historical field trip to Wolfenbüttel, Brunswick and Goslar.

They visited the famous Herzog August library at Wolfenbüttel and got to see the “Sachsenspiegel” , the very first law handbook ever written in German in the 13 th century.

At Goslar, the participants learned a lot about the world cultural heritage “Kaiserpfalz”, which is located in Goslar.

At Brunswick was the last field trip stop. Here, Prof. Huck offered insights into the city’s history and the German judicial system.

The day was concluded with dinner together at “Rheinische Republik” restaurant at Brunswick.

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